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Elisabeth Oswald

Elisabeth was born in Wolfsberg, a small town in Carinthia, Austria.  After finishing school (BORG Wolfsberg) in 1993, she studied Technical Mathematics with an emphasis on information processing at Graz University of Technology. She finished her studies 1999 with a master thesis on cryptanalysis of DES. During her master thesis she started working for the Institute for Applied Information Processing and Communications (short but not easier to pronounce: IAIK). She continued working at IAIK and enganged in teaching and research. As a PhD student, she spent several months with the COSIC research group in Leuven where she "re-established" their DPA setup and DPA research.

She finished her doctoral studies in 2003 with Reinhard Posch and Bart Preneel as her assessors. Since then, you may officially address her as "Frau Diplom-Ingenieur Doktor Oswald". She decided to stay with Graz University of Technology and became employed as assistant professor. Hence, since that time you may even address her as "Frau Universitätsassistentin Diplom-Ingenieur Doktor Oswald". Before things got too worse (in Austria you can only accumulate titles), she decided to take a leave of absence from Graz and she joined the cryptography group at University of Bristol as a lecturer. Since then, you may simply call her "Elisabeth". Note that Elisabeth is actually not her first name.

Elisabeth's main scientific interest is side-channel cryptanalysis, but she is also likes all other kinds of cryptanalysis and she has a preference for elliptic curve cryptography. If you want to make her happy then bring her chocolate or Belgian beer (preferably Hoegaarden). Elisabeth is also interested in all kinds of stories, no matter whether they are real (ancient history, preferably Egyptian) or fiction (the universerse is full of stars), and she tries to understand human behaviour (psychology and social history).

Elisabeth was and is involved in the organization of different major events. This year, she is the general chair of CHES.

You can reach her under the following email addresses:

Elisabeth's publications in inverse chronological order are:

Elisabeth Oswald Power Analysis Attacks-A very brief Introduction SIN 2007
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Christoph Herbst, Elisabeth Oswald, Stefan Mangard A Power Analysis Resistant AES Smart Card Implementation ACNS 2006
Sandra Dominikus,
Elisabeth Oswald, and
Martin Feldhofer
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Elisabeth Oswald Chapter 1: Basic Security Services and Cryptographyin Security and Privacy in Advanced Networking Technologies Nato Science Series
2003 and before    
Siddika B. Örs, Elisabeth Oswald and Bart Preneel Power-Analysis Attacks on an FPGA--First Experimental Results CHES 2003
Elisabeth Oswald On Side-Channel Attacks and the Application of Algorithmic Countermeasures, PhD thesis, and Markov Model Side-Channel Analysis (update of Chapter 4) 2003
Elisabeth Oswald, Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen AES -- The State of the Art of Rijndael's Security . 2002
Elisabeth Oswald Enhancing Simple Power-Analysis Attacks on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems CHES 2002
Johann Großschädl, Guy-Armand Kamendje, Elisabeth Oswald, and Reinhard Posch Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Practice - The Austrian Citizen Card for e-Government Applications SSGRR 2002
Johannes Wolkerstorfer, Elisabeth Oswald, and Mario Lamberger An ASIC implementation of the AES S-Boxes CT-RSA 2002
Elisabeth Oswald and Manfred Aigner Randomized Addition Subtractions Chains as a Countermeasure against Power Attacks CHES 2001
Manfred Aigner and Elisabeth Oswald Softwaremodelle zur Feststellung der DPA-Anfälligkeit von Hardwaremodulen Austrochip 2000
Elisabeth Oswald Analyse der Anwendung von DPA auf DES Bausteine . Master Thesis. 1999



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